AMA Pro Flat Track

  • RISPOLI: Bonneville Salt Flats

    Dustin and I left Indy around midnight and traveled straight through and got to the Pittsburgh airport around 6 AM. Our flight was on time and we made our way to Salt Lake totally exhausted having not slept all night. » more

  • RISPOLI: The Best Week of My Life!

    It's been a busy season but nothing like the crazy week I just had. I raced three different venues in three different states, three different disciplines all in only (7) days. » more

  • RISPOLI: Indy Mile

    With Dustin Say (my chief Flat Track mechanic) at my side, we made our way to Indy making a pit stop in Pittsburgh at my sponsor We dropped off a trailer with two GSX R600 SuperSport bikes that were going to be worked on by my chief road race mechanic Ryan Kelly coming up from Florida to prepare them for NJMP. » more

  • LABELLE: Springfield Race Report

    I showed up to the track Saturday morning to an awesome looking short track.Still on a confidence boosting race at the Indy mile I was excited to ride the Springfield short track. » more

  • Martin: Peoria TT Report

    Hey everyone! This last weekend was in Peoria, Ill. It was a TT and that's my favorite kind of track. » more

  • LaBelle: Peoria TT Report

    Well, another round of the AMA Pro Flat Track series is in the books following this weekend’s race in Peoria, Ill. The difference between this race and all of the others was the famous Peoria, Ill. » more

  • Martin: I 96 Speedway Report

    Hey everyone, this last weekend was a 1/2 mile at I-96 Speedway. » more

  • Rispoli: Gas City

    My Gas City report is a little bit late with all the flattrack and roadracing that I have been doing each weekend. I haven't had a break but I'm working on catching up. So hang on and I'll tell you about my wild time at Gas City, a track I saw for the first time at this national and had no idea what to expect. » more

  • Carver: Slicing Off Another Victory

    Fresh off a victory at Gas City, I took off in my van with the trophy girl Nikki Spore and my competition Brad Baker to hit the Steve Nace All-Star Series in West Virginia and Maryland. It was interesting to have one of my closest competitors stay out our house for a month and go racing together. I realized just how competitive we ALL are. I had a great trip with a Win over Baker in WV then second to him in Frederick. The past few weeks have given me a chance to figure out a game plan toward winning the Pro Singles Championship this year. » more

  • LaBelle: I-96 Speedway Report

    For some reason I was extremely excited for the next round of the AMA Pro singles series in Michigan. » more

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