AMA Pro Flat Track » Springfield Mile I

Entry List

 Pro Singles

Round 9 | Colonial Downs Mile


Total entries: 29

No. Rider(s) Bike Sponsors
1 Stephen Vanderkuur Honda CRF450R Parkinson Brothers Racing,Pro One Industries,Armbruster Racing,Motorcycles,Bell Helmets,H&N Wazee,W.P.C.,Jemco,Topar Racing,Durelle Racing,Boughner Racing,Saddlemen,Crank Works,Evans Coolant,Mike Stauffer,Ron Hamp,Craig Pickett
10B Austin Luczak Honda CRF450R Saddlemen,Durelle,Luczak Racin, Lightshoe,American Supercamp,Fasdass Plates,Tag-It of Columbus
11P Molly Terry Honda CRF450R Arai by TSP,Bikers PHD,Bob Berry Racing,Willis Racers,Coal City Napa,Cupi's Motor Mall,K&N Filters,Leipold Motors Sales,Lightshoe,Terry Racing,Moto 1, Motion Pro,Peoria Motorcycle Club,Rebel Gears,Wiseco,Zane's Auto Service
14M Kale Fisher Honda CRF450R Sun Drop, The Goad, Columbia River Honda, That Girl, Alfred Motors, YSR, Schenk Racing, Jack Mills, Fly, Motorcycle Superstore, Bell
15B Matt Zacher Honda CRF450R Zacher Construction,O'NEAL,TCX Boots,K&N Filters,Renthal,AGV,EBC Brakes,SuperTrapp,HAS Racing, RLJ Racing, Sunnyside Cycle,Newman Motorsports,Hollink Motorsports,Slick Offroad Wash
18M Wyatt Maguire Yamaha YZ 450F Kirkland Racing,,Motorcycle Super Store,Bell,AXO,Urban Custom Bikes,Short Block Charles,R.A.S.E,Light Shoe,Motoconcepts,Secret To Speed,Chicken Hawk Tire,Motorcycle Assessorie Shop,Maxxima Racing Oils,Motion Pro,Moto Graphic,G2 Ergonomics,Liberty Tire,Moto Optics,Gaerne Boot Co,Allsport,K&N Air Filters,Pruczinski Family,Len Racing
19B Justin Jones Honda CRF450R Wild Rides, RLJ Racing, KC Cycle Helmet World,Jays Auto,Baughner Racing, Elder Trucking,Fass Das Plate
21U Jay Maloney Honda CRF450R MRT,Avila Racing,Moroney's Harley-Davidson,Rad Wheels,Speed & Strength,MSR,Level 10,Eleven 10Mods,KMC Wheels,Vortex,Allphase,ESJ
23F Jeffery Lowery Honda CRF450R Englehart Racing, Gray Hogs, Race Pro Motorsports, NGK, Fly Racing, Wimer's Cycle, Advanced Auto Parts, Fossils MC, Ely
24F J.R. Addison Honda CRF450R Parkinson Bros Racing, Woody Kyle Racing, J&F Construction,Alpine Stars, Bell Helmets, Motorcycle Super Store, Oury Grip, Dave Cycle, Cycle Tech,GPR, Vortex, K&N
24J Brandon Wilhelm Honda CRF450R Wilhelm Racing, Dons Customs, Web Cams, butler Racing
25A Shayna Texter Honda CRF450R Crosley Radio,DFW Honda,McElcoy Packging,Howerton Motorsports,RLT Racing,Wright Racing,Arai,DAO,Brain Leathers,Alpinestars,Kicker,D&D Pipes,Rod Lake,All-Balls,Motion Pro,CHCC,Saddlemen,G2Ergo,Evans 100%,RASE Rhanson,KN Filters,Weiss Racing,Wiseco,DesignStar3,GoPro,PMP Sprockets,Spectro,West Coast Hotshoe,Spider Grips,Fly Racing
25J Dan McRoberts Honda CRF450R Village Motorsports, Lazy Days RV, Daves Cycle
27U Jamison Minor Honda CRF450R SE Graphics, Answer, Rochester Motorsports, Motion Pro, Factory Connection
28P Michael Bickerton Honda CRF450R DCT/Precision,Royce Taylor Racing,Performance Cycle Dyno,JBM General Construciton LLC.,Galeburg Anesthesiologist,Southard Ent.,CPC Racing,Recluse Clutches,Powermadd,Motorcycle Superstore,Bell Helmets,Micorblue Racing,Team Movin,Goodwin Racing,Hardy Racin,Tamra & Nevaeh
29T Nick Wenzler Honda CRF450R Robinsons Motorcycle,Wenzlers Laneling Bed and Breakfast
30Z Bronson Bauman Honda CRF450R Rod Lake, RGR, Hooper Motorsports, Arai, Motion Pro, Russo Construction, Fox, Gene & Gail Cummings
32C Brian McRoberts Honda CRF450R Coups Sibbick Racing, McRoberts Machine Shop, Barneys Motorsports, SDTA
34F Andrew Butler Honda CRF450R Mike Butler Racing, Western Hills Honda, Fast Heads, Chip Chism Racing, King Kustoms
38M Hunter Taylor Honda CRF450R Hunter MFG,Tacoma Motorsports,Bell Helmets,AXO,Motrocycle Superstore,American Supercamp,BBRP,Paul Perolli,Loud Mouth Intakes,CP Carrillo,Mototassinari,Silkolene,Fusion Graphix,Works Connection,Carl Hills,HPR,G&GX,Tri Flow,Pit Posse,King Kustoms
39B Scott Barrett Honda CRF450R Top Gun Performance, Wadco Racing, Sunnyside Cycle, Total Tools
66Y Dominic Colindres Honda CRF450R Motorcycle Superstore, Bell Helmets, Evans Coolant, Spider Grips, Barnett Clutches, CP Pistons and Carillo Rods, Spectro Oils, Works Connection, Saddlemen Seats, Frankie Morris, Mach 1 Motorsports
77A Eric Stump Honda CRF450R Rausch Fuel Oil, Max Lindemen, Arai, Sidi, Utopia Eyewear, Eyeball, Impluse Design Co
77J Kyle Johnson Kawasaki KX450F Mike Raugh,X-Trim,Boughner Racing,MMG,Saddlemen,Mike Raugh,Bell Helmets,Motorcycle Supertore,Spy Optics,Answer Racing,Renthal,Pit Posse,Tore1Racing,The Nichols,John Tejchma,Decal Works
81P Jace Castles Yamaha YZ 450F Gear Factor, Eneight1 Australia, HPF, Sierra
83S Mike Poe Honda CRF450R Roger Swagler, Blake Wareheim Racing,M&J Racing, Moto Mouth Enterprise, Kevin Baily, Motorcycle Superstore, CJ & Sam, Triple J Racing Racing,Winkler Fence & Deck, Jason Isennock
94B Ryan Wells Honda CRF450R Waters Auto Body,Racing,RLJ Racing,Motion Pro,K&N Filters,Bell Helmets,,Vortex,Hinson Racing,Five Star Steel Fabrication,AXO,Evans Coolant,Ride Academy,KC Cycle,Built Clothing Ride 100%,Leo Vince,Brian Newman Motorcports,Silkolene,JR 43,RK/Excel,Full Spectrum Batteries
96B Cody Johncox Yamaha YZ 450F Sunnyside Cycle,Yamaha MotorCorp,Arai,Rev-it!,Motul,Boughner,DRD,Alpinestar,DP Brakes,ABS,Motion Pro,K&N Filters,RK Chain,RLJ Engines,Dynotech Research,Racer Tape,Oury Grips,Top Gun Const.,DC Ent,Zoladz Const.Ride Academy,East Coast Tire
99Y Ryan Kearns Kawasaki KX450F SM Racing, Arai, Spy, MVD, JCR Racing, Martin Racing
  • City National Bank
  • Dunlop
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Howe Enterprises
  • McElroy Packaging
  • MotoBatt
  • Saddlemen
  • Sunoco
  • Thom Duma Fine Jewelers
  • Vance and Hines