JD Beach - Race Report

NEWS August 3, 2012

JD Beach - Race Report

GeoCrash Photography

(August 3, 2012) - Another month has blown by us and I have finished up two races and getting ready to start more. We had some races at Mid-Ohio and Laguna Seca. It was filled with some ups and downs like the rest of the season has been. But like I have done before I’ve just tried to take the good and move on. We definitely had some good moments during the two race weekends but some bad ones too. The worst thing is the next road race isn’t until New Jersey which is the second weekend of September.

To start off we had our race weekend at Mid-Ohio. I was really looking forward to this one. I’ve done really well in the past here so I was excited to get back on the track. The biggest thing I needed to do was get up to speed as fast as I could so we weren’t playing catch up the whole weekend. We started the weekend off really well and had good pace on Friday but made a set up decision Saturday morning that didn’t help us any but felt good for the race.

The first race was pretty good. I was right in a battle for fourth and going really well. The bike was good and we were running some fast times. The top three had broken away but we were in a good battle until I made a mistake going down the back straight and ran off on the fastest part of the track. I was able to save it and get back going again to bring it home in 6th. We knew for Sunday we could run with the lead group. For the warm up we ended up 4th quickest. I just knew I needed to get a great start and get away with the lead group. I was lucky we had two chances because we had a restart. I was so amped up on getting that start that I jumped the line. I had to let some people pass me so I wouldn’t get a meatball flag and got caught up in a battle. We couldn’t really make any ground up and ended up 8th. Not our best race but still ended up in the top 10.

Next up was a trip to the west coast for Laguna. I knew this was going to be a tough weekend because I have little track time there and we get limited track time because of the MotoGP guys. All in all it was a fun weekend just didn’t get the results I would have liked. We had even less track time then we thought because most of our sessions where in the morning and the fog was really bad this year. On Saturday it took almost until noon to clear up. We did improve from 16th to 9th in the race. I think it could have
been better but I got arm pump pretty bad the first few laps and it took it a bit to go away.

Now it’s on to some AMA Pro Flat Track races. We have four races before the next road race. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the dirt track bike and having some fun. Hopefully we can turn the end of the season around and get the results we know we can get.


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