AMA Pro Grand National Opener...Daytona!

NEWS February 19, 2013

AMA Pro Grand National Opener...Daytona!

Photo by Dave Hoenig

Released from editor Dan Jacobson Sr.:

February 19, 2013 - Should you make your way to Daytona for the 2013 Bike Week, roll your way over to the outside of Daytona International Speedway turn one for the craziest short track track racing on the planet.

The Daytona lime stone surface is unlike any dirt I have ever seen. The precise motorcycle control needed to put down one fast lap is a challenge to the over one hundred racers in the expert and pro singles classes much less the expert twenty-five perfect laps in the GNC main.

Afternoon qualifying transfers the fastest 54 AMA Pro Grand National Champion (GNC)
experts (last year) and the 32 quickest AMA Pro Pro Singles sending over half the 72 entries to the hauler before the fans fill the stands.

From the standing start of the three rows of six wicked fast racers, the heat races to
pare down the field to direct transfers and semi finals (GNC Experts) or last chance
qualifier for the AMA Pro Pro Singles to need up with the fastest eighteen for the Grand National main events (last year expert provisional was used making it 19).

The 2012 event was loaded with first time winners Johnny Lewis for the experts round
one and pro singles star Gerit Callies made the top of the box. Round two experts
Jared Mees and Johnny Lewis banged bars on the last lap turn three opening the door
for first time winner Matt Weidman. After missing the cut in round one, Ryan Wells in
dominating fashion lead the Pro Singles to the checkers.
Past winners Jake Johnson, Sammy Halbert, Henry Wiles will looking for the top of the
box this year.

The line-up for 2013 has Johnny Lewis returning to GNC action with only one thing in
mind, winning. I'm not sure the new Expert Singles and GNC Combined number one
Jared Mees and Johnny Lewis ever made up after 2012's crash and go... This resulted
in Lewis sitting out the season. Many of the new and long time existing teams will be
doing the hundredths and thousandths of a second dance to make the famous Daytona
Short track podium and GNC points.

Looking like the control and traction factor is more like a skating rink on the historic lime
stone, these Grand National Championship pros slice and bang there way from hero to
zero and back between the back to back nationals. So technical the track, most racers
have a special bike just for the Daytona short tracks.

My advice is get tickets and come early for the best seats as standing room is limited
(near sell out last year). The afternoon practice and group qualifying is a great time for
bull ring flat track racing and sun. The evening races are fast moving production
provided by the AMA Pro Racing's Blue Crew and a great place for star watching since
many of the road racers attend. AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship Flat
Track racing is truly the best racing on the planet and a great way to never forget your
2013 bike week experience.

Daytona Bike Week's AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship - Short Track Rounds: 1 & 2 March 14-15, 2013.

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