JD Beach - First of the Year Report

NEWS March 1, 2013

JD Beach - First of the Year Report

Daytona is only two weeks away now and I can’t wait. I’ve been slacking a little bit on updating you guys but I’ve been going wide open after the first of the year with everything that’s been going on.

We’ve been able to get some testing in on the Road Race bikes, have done some Dirt Track races, and even gotten some riding in on my Moto bike and 100. It’s been a ton of fun and I really feel good going into Daytona.

As far as the two Road Race tests goes they were good. One better than the other but still good. The first test we did was at Chuckwalla and the second one at Las Vegas. Chuckwalla the weather was great, low wind, warm, and the track was grippy. Scott Jensen was able to make big steps with the bike and got it working really well. Jake Gagne and I went 1-2 in all the races. We both won and got seconds, in our last race he broke the track record then the next lap I did, so it was cool the team was able to leave with that. The next test at Las Vegas didn’t go as well for me. The conditions where
totally opposite from Chuckwalla, super windy and cold. By the end of the weekend I was glad I was even able to get laps. I tore up a lot of parts with two crashes. We got lucky because after the second crash we were out of parts but luckily there were great people in the paddock that let us borrow parts.

By the end of the weekend, my bike was all different colors, duct taped together, frame was bent, but I got to get some laps in. It was funny because my dad got to come to the test and I told him to just come watch, he has helped me so much getting my career started and building my bikes that now when he comes to the races it’s hard for him to keep his hands off the bikes. I really wanted himto know that he just needs to stand back and watch and enjoy himself, well that all changed when I started throwing bikes down the road. I was giving him bodywork to clean and duct tape together and leathers to clean, he had fun though. At the end I think I ended up around .7 off the fastest so it ended not too bad.

Also new to the team was my second mechanic, Danny Anderson. He will be working alongside Scott getting everything ready before and at the track. He really got broken in that weekend having to rebuild and piece my bike back together a couple times.

When I wasn’t on the Road Race bike I was able to spend some time on my Moto bike and Dirt Track bike. We had a couple Dirt Track races in Du Quoin but actually when we were testing in Las Vegas that was the first DuQuoin indoor race I missed in probably four years so that was kinda weird. DuQuoin has been a lot of fun this winter though, there’s been good competition there and we have really changed the bike and have it working well. I have struggled the last few Short Track races but I did go all year without losing a TT race so I was happy about that. This year I was able to spend some time at the track Friday before everything got started and help some up and coming riders. One that I really helped a lot was Hunter Goodwin, he races a 85 and it was fun helping him because he improved a lot over the winter and I was able to ride a 85 with him. Another one I have been able to give some feedback to is JR Addison, he is a freshly turned Pro Sport so it was cool to see him improve and watch him get faster before Daytona.
Between all that racing and testing I’ve been training and riding at the house on my 100 and 450. It’s been a blast, I’m busy everyday all day until dark but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve also been working really hard with TJ Burnett on putting his Dirt Track team together. He has James Hart wrenching on the bikes and Brandon Robinson as the full time rider. My bikes will be at all the races but I’ll be able to pick and choose which ones I do. He has basically built the team from the ground up other than having the bikes that USC has let James and I use the past couple years. It’s been a lot of
hard work but in the end it’s been a lot of fun and its cool seeing it all come together. One thing I was in charge of was getting the bikes stickered up and looking good. I went back and forth with Victory Circle Graphix getting everything looking good and making changes. They have some of the best stuff so it was great to be able to get them done by them. After I got them I got to spend the day before DuQuoin at TJ’s shop putting them on eight bikes, I was putting them on from 10am to 9pm. Once it was all done the feeling was amazing seeing all the bikes lined up and looking good, I guess it’s the little
things in life.

That’s what I do away from home and at home it’s been crazy getting stuff ready for Hayden to go to Daytona. I’m not really hands on with the bikes as much because Frankie has that covered I still spend time in the garage seeing what needs to be done and ordering parts to make sure everything is coming together. It’s amazing seeing a family pull together like this to get Hayden to the races. The bikes are slowly coming together but it’s wild to see the once packed full of Dirt Track bikes and 100s shop turn into a factory Road Race but low budget shop.

I’m getting all my stuff ready to leave for Daytona the week prior to the race because even though I won’t be racing the Dirt Track National, I’ll still be spending my time at the Steve Nace All Star races.

The first one kicks off in Savannah, GA and I can’t wait. I hope to see all you in Daytona, if you are going have safe travels and if you aren’t make sure you’re watching the 200 on Speed rooting on the Red Bull/RoadRace Factory #95 bike. 

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