Green and Redmann Top Podiums at Jefferson Hillclimb

NEWS June 11, 2010

Green and Redmann Top Podiums at Jefferson Hillclimb

JEFFERSON, Pa. (June 6, 2010) - Shane Green and Nate Redmann shared the podium in both Unlimited and Xtreme classes when pro hillclimbers faced off for the series' first round at Jefferson, PA. Green was first and Redmann second in Unlimited. In Xtreme, they traded steps on the podium. In Pro Sport, rookie Josh Lingle took first place in his first ever hillclimb.

The White Rose club served up a challenging hill for the season opener with the top jump sloping to the right, followed immediately by an off-camber left turn on the steep approach to the finish line. Finding the right line over that jump was tough- hug the left side and you land in the rough, hug the right and you might find yourself slip-sliding away. Those who found the sweet spot scored some incredibly fast times.

In the first run of the Xtreme bikes, Redmann rode early and crested in 8.208 seconds for the top position at the half. Paul Kops and Phil Libhart both posted fast times. They were just 0.046 and 0.120 seconds off Redmann's mark respectively.

Top in the Xtreme class at the half, Redmann could opt to sit it out to see if his first run held. He chose instead to ride in order and stunned everyone by shaving nearly a second from his first ride, setting fast time of the day in all classes at 7.400 seconds. Green also trimmed nearly as second from his first ride, propelling him from fourth to second. Kops bettered is first-round time, but not by enough to prevent falling from second to third place. Libhart saw his chance at the podium dashed by crash on his second run.

Pro Sport saw a field of nine riders- five of them rookies. Lingle posted the fast time in both runs, including the only sub-ten second ride in the class on his second attempt. At the half it was Lingle, followed by Scott Hoke and John Mosko, all within about a half-second. Hoke bettered his first round time to hold second and rookie Ian Lau, who stopped short on his first ride came back with a vengeance to take the third step on the podium from Mosko.

In Unlimited class, Anthony DeHart set the pace early at just under eight seconds in the first half with Libhart close behind. Then Green came along late in the order with a 7.733 second ride for first place going into the second half. Kops rode last and bumped Libhart back to the fourth spot just before intermission.

In the second half, Redmann leaped from tenth place to overtake the lead with a 7.628 second run. But it didn't last- Green battled back with a 7.617 second ride, just 11 thousandths faster than Redmann. DeHart's second ride was slower, but his first ride was fast enough to hold onto a podium spot. In the end it was Green, Redmann and DeHart in the top three spots in that order.

AMA Pro Hillclimbing's second round will be at Steel City (Freemansburg), PA on June 13.


U/L: 1. Shane Green (Hon); 2. Nate Redmann (Yam); 3. Anthony DeHart (Yam); 4. Colby McCutcheon (Suz); 5. Walter "Tiger" Strank (Hon).

Xtreme: 1. Nate Redmann (Yam); 2. Shane Green (Hon); 3. Paul Kops (HD); 4. Phil Libhart (Tri); 5. Chris VanHyning (Hon).

Pro Spt: 1. Josh Lingle (Yam); 2. Scott Hoke (Suz); 3. Ian Lau (Hon); 4. John Mosko (Hon); 5. David Jude II (Hon).

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