Green, DeHart and Lingle are Freemansburg’s Fastest Climbers

NEWS June 15, 2010

Green, DeHart and Lingle are Freemansburg’s Fastest Climbers

FREEMANSBURG, Pa. (June 13, 2010) - Shane Green and Josh Lingle are both two in a row after wins in the second round of AMA Pro Hillclimbing in Unlimited and Pro Sport Classes, respectively. Anthony DeHart topped everyone with fast time of the day and won the Xtreme Class.

Freemansburg hillclimbing is always a thrill to watch, but it was extra exciting this time. Two cloud bursts dumped nearly an inch of rain during the race resulting in lots of mud, wild rides and breathtaking crashes. The rain made for changeable track conditions, keeping riders and teams busy picking the best path to the top and the right gearing to get there.

Chris VanHyning set the pace early in Xtreme Class with a run in the low twelves. Matt Luna followed with an 11.978 second E.T. but was eclipsed by Dehart who stopped the clock at an unbelievable 9.925 seconds. The rest of the day saw riders trying in vain to beat DeHart's time. Phil Libhart and Nate Redmann came closest at 11.294 and 11.365 seconds respectively, but were both more than a second slower. At the half DeHart held a comfortable lead.

First to ride in Pro Sport was John Mosko who crested in 14.660 seconds. The rookie, Joey McKrush followed with an 18.827 second time, momentarily in second. Next, another rookie, Lingle posted the time to beat: 13.521 seconds. Brandon Novak edged McKrush to fourth with a 17.593 second run.

By the time the Unlimited Class riders were up, heavy rain was falling. The first three riders all crashed between 300 and 350 feet. VanHyning was the first to crest the hill, posting a 16.367 second time. The rain tapered off and stopped, offering much improved traction by the time Green rode. He churned through the mud to an 11.724 second time. Following close behind Green, Scott Campbell stopped the clock at 11.876 seconds. Alex Benner crossed the finish line in 12.045 seconds followed shortly by Redmann at 12.051 seconds, just six thousandths out of third. At the half, less than one third second separated the top three Unlimited Class riders.

Standing first in the Xtreme class, DeHart chose to sit out the second half to see if his time held. More rain late in the first half degraded the hill conditions significantly. As a result the ranking of the top five Xtreme riders remained to the finish and none threatened DeHart's position.

Pro Sport saw much the same with first half rides holding in the second half. The exception was Amanda Campbell who rode all the way in pouring rain to crest the hill in just over 20 seconds and bump Ian Lau out of fifth.

By the time the Unlimited Class started their second runs, the hill conditions had become impossible. Torrential rain formed streams of mud running in the fresh tire ruts and flowed like a river toward the starting line. Officials called the race after just three Unlimited Class riders, basing the results on each rider's first run.

AMA Pro Hillclimbing's third round will be at Avoca, NY on July 11.

U/L: 1. Shane Green (Hon); 2. Scott Campbell (Suz); 3. Alex Benner (Hon); 4. Nate Redmann (Yam); 5. Colby McCutcheon (Kaw).
Xtreme: 1. Anthony DeHart (Hon); 2. Phil Libhart (Tri); 3. Nate Redmann (Yam); 4. Matt Luna (Kaw); 5. Chris VanHyning (Hon).
Pro Spt: 1. Josh Lingle (Yam); 2. John Mosko (Hon); 3. Brandon Novak (KTM); 4. Joey McKrush (Suz); 5. Scott Hoke (Suz).

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