MX Sports and AMA Pro Racing Release 2009 Motocross Rulebook

NEWS March 19, 2009

MX Sports and AMA Pro Racing Release 2009 Motocross Rulebook

MORGANTOWN, W.V. (March 19, 2009) - With the series-opening race just over two months away, MX Sports, in conjunction with AMA Pro Racing, is pleased to announce the release of this year's AMA Pro Racing Motocross Rulebook.

While much of the rulebook remains familiar, four significant changes have been made, thanks in part to the transition of MX Sports as series manager of the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships.

The most notable change for 2009 involves the reduction of sound from all motorcycles. In compliance with the global effort to reduce noise and emissions, the permitted decibel level has been lowered from 96 dB to 94 dB. This change now means that Motocross series all around the world will compete with equal and softer noise levels, thanks to a reduction adopted by both AMA Pro Racing and the FIM.

"AMA Pro Racing is excited about the forthcoming changes to the 2009 nationals," said AMA Pro Racing National Technical Director Al Ludington. "The reduction in sound level is an important step, and combined with the proposals established by MX Sports and the feedback of the teams, the changes will make for some of the most entertaining racing the fans have ever seen."

Additionally, MX Sports has established an initiative to increase sponsor value for all of the teams competing in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship by opening more space on the side panels and rear number plates. This will be accomplished by reducing the size of the number significantly. With this change, teams can explore the opportunity of additional promotional space for sponsorship logo placement and limitless possibilities in graphic designs.

"With the tough economy, we wanted to do something that would help make sponsor dollars go further for our athletes and teams. With digital transponders and real-time scoring, this was an easy decision," said MX Sports Vice President Davey Coombs. "In addition to the added space available for sponsors, we are excited to see what kind of unique and different designs the teams and graphics companies will come up with."

Another change fans will observe is the new distinction of the red number plate. Over the course of the past few seasons, the red number plate signaled the reigning class champion, as many decided against wearing the #1 plate they earned in order to continue wearing their permanent numbers. However, now that the #1 plate is mandatory for a title defense, the red plate is no longer needed to identify the champion. So for 2009, MX Sports is introducing a new twist on the tradition by adorning the respective points leaders in both the 250 Class and 450 Class with red plates. With the possibility of the series leader's red number plate changing hands each weekend, this will add an element of excitement while clearly signifying the top series rider in either championship division.

The other change in the rulebook is designed around rider safety. A new flag, which is colored yellow and red, will be introduced and will signify a hazardous situation on or near the track that requires the riders to keep their wheels on the ground. This flag is designed to immediately inform riders of significant danger in blind spots (like the backside of tabletop jumps or double-jumps) while also increasing the safety of downed riders, trackside staff, and medical personal.

The rulebook is available for download and viewing at both and