EBR Infineon Race Report

NEWS May 16, 2011

EBR Infineon Race Report

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

This past weekend (May 14-15) the AMSOIL EBR Racing team competed at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California for race 2 of the AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike Series. Geoff May and the AMSOIL EBR Racing team performed exceptionally well, placing 8th in Saturday’s event and 12th on Sunday’s.

“Overall, everything went smoothly. We never were able to quite optimize the suspension to the Infineon track, and had a tire balance problem on Sunday.” stated Michael Tjon, Race Team Manager. “But the AMSOIL lubed engine ran perfectly all weekend, and Geoff’s performance was outstanding. He was never tired and willing to try anything”.

The 8th was the best race finish for the 2011 season and is bringing even more anticipation for the EBR 1190RS bike to enter the circuit. “I’m really looking forward to riding the 1190”, said Geoff May, “We’ve been looking forward to competing with it for over a year now and believe that we will be able to run further up front with its capabilities.”

Michael Tjon adds, “When we first bring it to the track we will be basically racing the street motorcycle, and will refine it going forward. But from our initial test rides on the street EBR 1190RS, we know it is fundamentally a significantly superior motorcycle to the Buell. We may be quicker right out of the box."

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