Witchkraft Racing/Sportbiketrackgear.com Wrap Up 2011 Season at NJMP

NEWS September 6, 2011

Witchkraft Racing/Sportbiketrackgear.com Wrap Up 2011 Season at NJMP

The AMA Pro season finale at New Jersey Motorsports Park posed a series of formidable challenges often found in racing. The Witchkraft Racing/Sportbiketrackgear.com team started off on a good note, dropping time every lap and qualifying in 14th position, their best qualifying yet in their young season of running in Daytona Sportbike with rider Kyle Wyman. The most promising news early-on was having their bike at the top of the speed charts in P1 by sessions' end - a strong start in the highly competitive Daytona Sportbike class.

As the grid took off in Daytona Sportbike race one, the added laps would show a faster pace as the Honda East of Toledo-backed machine would move up to 11th place, closing on 10th and 9th place in what was shaping up to be another top ten result. However, a mechanical issue mid-race forced an early end for the team and with it, a surprising end to the weekend.

Crew Chief Joe Kraft commented, "We had a mechanical issue today that ended our weekend early. We were moving up through the field and felt we had a very strong package this weekend - and were on pace for a very good result. It's very disappointing, as it's rare that we've had a mechanical issue, so this was certainly unexpected. However, we looked at the data and are fairly certain what happened. It's an easy issue to fix, moving forward."

Kraft continued, "After how well Mid-Ohio went, we put in a lot of hours to make sure we were ready for New Jersey. We went through everything possible on the bike, but some things in racing are simply out of our control. In the end, we've learned a great deal this year in our first AMA Pro season. Thank you to the great crew who has worked with us this year and also thank you to the AMA for being so accommodating to a new team like us. It's been a great experience and we are quite excited for next season. There are certainly things we will continue to improve and build on, but all-in-all I'm extremely happy with the team and where we're at right now, as our plans continue to move forward."

Congratulations also to Jeff Wrobel, who completed his first AMA Pro season in the Supersport class. Jeff finished 19th place in both Saturday and Sunday's races and ended the season 12th overall in the AMA Pro Supersport East standings.

Witchkraft Racing would like to thank the following people who have made their season possible: Doug Cornett, Matt Kraft, Aaron Bagwell, Gabe Miller, Jaci Myers, Sheryl Fork, Randy Fork, Brian Van, Eric Johnston, Jamie Hanshaw, Charlie VanValkenburgh, George Hoffman, Joe Green, Rick Lee, Mary Lee, Chuck Graves, Shane McCoy, Dusty Schaller, Kris Zdral, Dave Conforti, Garrett Andrews, Geoff Maloney, Jason Levitt, Nick Piccolo, Chris Van Andel, Will Hall, Marion Cornett, Audrey Menarik, Chris Taylor, David Podolsky, Matthias Schaub, Eric Wood, Jan Wood, Tom Beagle, Chuck Giachetto, Mike Fitzgerald, Alex Bird, Rich Cronrath, Alexa Kreuger, Brian Stokes, Garry Hayes, Jeff Wrobel, Amanda Kelly, Bill Prodoehl, Rob Hancock, Jake Arch, Jeff Gibson, Richard Harris, Kyle Wyman, Todd Karam, Aaron McKean, Ron Piazza, Erin Higinbotham, Ciaran Ward, Lance Lau, Sean Dwyer, Brandon Bones, Jim Conquest, Becca Livingston, Marty Matuszak, Scott Casber, Ray LaRue, Howard Rosner, Laurel Allen, Andrew Trevitt, Chris Kruzel and especially - Gina Kraft and Marsha Kraft.

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