Two-Up Fundraiser To Help Deploy More Airfence: Chris Ulrich Does 184 Laps And Covers 423.2 Miles At Auto Club Speedway

NEWS November 29, 2011

Two-Up Fundraiser To Help Deploy More Airfence: Chris Ulrich Does 184 Laps And Covers 423.2 Miles At Auto Club Speedway

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From a press release by Roadracing World:

Two-Up Fundraiser To Help Deploy More Airfence: Chris Ulrich Does 184 Laps And Covers 423.2 Miles At Auto Club Speedway

A Record $4815 Raised For Roadracing World Action Fund

AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike racer Chris Ulrich set a new record during the seventh-annual Roadracing World Action Fund fund-raising event held this past weekend, November 26-27, at Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, California.

Ulrich treated 56 Roadracing World Action Fund donors to multi-lap rides around the track’s 2.3-mile, 21-turn infield road course on his 185-horsepower M4 Suzuki GSX-R1000 two-seat AMA Pro SuperBike. Ulrich turned 184 laps and covered 423.2 miles with passengers, and raised a new event record total of $4815. The old record, set in 2010, was $3750 raised via 51 rides.

“It was a good two days, a lot of laps, a lot of rides and I really appreciate everyone coming out. To have an event that successful in this economy was really good,” said Ulrich. “We’ve been promoting the event for the last seven years, and I think we did a good job of promoting it this year. It shows how much it has caught on and how much people understand how important safety is for track day riders and racers. It’s a great thing.”

As in 2010, Lucas Oil was a major contributor during this year’s fundraiser, donating $2000 so Lucas employees and dealers could take rides with Ulrich and get a better understanding of motorcycle road racing. “Big thanks to Lucas Oil for their continued support of our fundraising efforts and our sport, in general,” said Ulrich.

The record-breaking fundraiser was also made possible courtesy of Dunlop donating several sets of new U.S.-made KR448F and KR449 slicks. Just two fronts and three rears provided more than enough grip and durability for the 56 two-up rides around the track. “It’s impressive to see that kind of technology come out of America in a tire that’s come a long way in a short amount of time,” said Ulrich. “They definitely passed the durability test, and they were fast the whole time.”

Fastrack Riders ( supplied track time, riding gear and support staff for the event. Fastrack Riders Manager David Shaverdi donated to the Fund and went for a ride with Ulrich, as he has in the past, and the pairing came away with a new record two-up lap time (with the Turn 11/12 chicane in place) of 1:38.95.

Just behind Shaverdi on the two-up lap time sheet was Crystal Anthony, the wife of AMA Pro SuperBike racer David “Aussie Dave” Anthony, who did a lap at 1:39.1 and reached 165 mph while riding with Ulrich. “It was the most fun I’ve had in a really long time,” said Crystal Anthony, who got the ride as a surprise gift from her husband. “Oh my gosh! So fast. It gives me a new, I’m not sure of the words, respect or understanding for what they’re actually doing out there. Sometimes I think, ‘Why aren’t you going faster? What’s the big deal if you’re a little tired?’ But now, oh my gosh! Now I’m going to be like, ‘Get some rest! Eat some food!’ It puts it into a new perspective. I had some understanding, but it’s different going out there and doing it.”

Over the last seven years Ulrich has raised a total of $17,315 giving two-up rides on a Superbike at Fontana. That's in addition to raising awareness of motorcycle road racing by giving newspaper, television and radio reporters two-up rides prior to AMA Pro National weekends, the two-seat Superbike's primary mission.

For more information on the Roadracing World Action Fund, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which advocates and promotes the use of soft barriers to help prevent rider injuries at racetracks, go to

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