and Shawn Higbee Fight For Comeback After 2nd DNS at Road Atlanta

NEWS May 1, 2012 and Shawn Higbee Fight For Comeback After 2nd DNS at Road Atlanta

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

Courtesy of Racing:

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (April 30, 2012) - and Shawn Higbee fighting for comeback after 2nd DNS at Road Atlanta AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike.

The Racing team suffered a devastating setback when they did not make it out of the practice rounds and were unable to start in either race at the Road Atlanta AMA Pro “Triumph Big Kahuna” event.

Rob Weaver, owner - “This is a devastating blow to our grass roots racing effort. Being unable to start in our first two outings of the season, really puts us behind the 8-ball, especially with bike setup. In Shawn Higbee, we have not only one of the best racers in the business, but one of the best development riders as well. However he needs seat time to work his magic and that we have not had. We believe that we are on a fantastic platform in the EBR 1190RS, but have had a crippling string of bad luck. With Erik Buell Racing's help, we are fighting to make a comeback.”

“The support and enthusiasm for our race effort has been inspirational to push us through these difficult times. I really appreciate all of the support from, Shorai, EBR,, Nexx, Traxxion Dynamics, Penske, Heroic, Pit Bull, Vortex, Taylormade Racing, Motoyard, AIP Racing, and all of the crew members and fans”, said Higbee. is a video-centric motorcycle entertainment website. Webisodes follow Shawn Higbee riding the EBR 1190 RS in AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike and Rob Weaver, who in his late fifties decides to become a motorcycle racer. The site also presents Special Features, Reviews and News related to motorcycles.

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