Josh Galster's Big M weekend at Miller Motorsports Park

NEWS May 29, 2012

Josh Galster's Big M weekend at Miller Motorsports Park

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

Release Courtesy of Josh Galster:

(May 30, 2012) - Round 4 took place at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT, outside Salt Lake City. The AMA Pro Road Racing weekend event was held in conjunction with World Superbike, which geared up to be some great racing all weekend. Josh Galster didn’t have the race weekend he would have liked, with a mechanical in the race that put him a lap down.

It was a long week with the trucks moving in on Thursday morning and not getting out of the paddock until Monday night. So there was a lot of time spent at the track. Thursday and Friday Team Gearzy set up their pits and were able to catch up on some work on the bikes before the riders made their way onto the track for practice Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was windy and cold, but it was good to be on the four-mile long outer course of Miller Motorsports Park, one of the most European-style tracks in the US. The long, fast sweeping corners, with many flowing sections, make for a popular track with the riders. Galster went out for the first practice and got a feel for the track under the cold and windy conditions. Not very many changes were made to the bike but different tire pressures were tried to get the desired grip.

Right before the AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike qualifying session, it rained heavily, but by the time Josh went out to qualify, there was pretty much a dry line all the way around the track. One of the fastest corners on the track still had some puddles, with multiple areas on the line that were also still wet. Eventually, near the end of the session, there was a completely dry line through that section and Josh’s crew put on a new tire for him and changed the gearing slightly to see about getting a better time. With the tire not fully up to temp, the ‘out’ lap was quite the adventure with the bike sliding and moving around while scrubbing the tire in. Galster was not quite able to better his time on that single lap before the checkered flag and he qualified 20th.

Sunday morning for second qualifying the weather wasn’t any better and the track was completely wet. Galster just went out for a few laps on full rains to get the feel for the track if it were to be declared a ‘wet’ race later that day. By the time 4 o'clock came around the weather was the best it had been all weekend and the race was to be a ‘dry’ race with a full field of hungry competitors.

Off the start Galster was on the inside and filed in-line with the riders in front but was trying to get by some of the guys holding him up. For half the lap he was looking inside to pass. Coming into the section of track called The Attitudes, he made the plunge and passed one rider but got a little greedy and tried for another. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as planned and Galster ran into the back of the rider, causing Galster to run off the track. He came back on the track but was in last and had a lot of work ahead of him to get back up to the pack. With his head down and making passes, he was making ground until his shifter rod broke. The Team and Josh suspect the shifter hit one of the curbs on the inside and broke the shifter rod when he made contact with the other rider. With the bike stuck in 3rd gear the whole way around the track, Galster tried to manually shift the bike but with no success. After a few laps of trying to put in competitive lap times he had to pull in. The Team changed the shifter and Galster went back out, only going a lap down.

Josh heads to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for the Road America round this weekend, June 1-3. Be sure to tune in or drop by!

Josh Galster wants to give special thanks to his crew Zach Gordon and Ryan Parker, Tim Johnson from DynoJet, Oscar Solis, Team Gearzy, Alan Brown from ADD Crusher, and all my fans for their support. He would like to thank his sponsors for their support: Gearzy, ADD Crusher, EDR Performance, Grandprix Motorsports, Perfect Motors Brazil, California Superbike School, Arai helmets, KFG Racing,, Slednecks, Dunlop, GPR Stabilizers, Vortex

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