Team Produces Personal Best for One Rider and a Season's Best Finish for Another at Barber

NEWS June 25, 2012 Team Produces Personal Best for One Rider and a Season's Best Finish for Another at Barber

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

Press release prepared by the Hasten Media Group for the team.

(June 25, 2012) - After finishing fourth place in Saturday’s race, Stefano Mesa felt like he had the pace to run up front but an early push in lap two forced him to restart at the back of the 43 entries. With a long, hot race ahead of him, Mesa was able to put his head down and work through the field to salvage a seventh place finish and AMA Pro SuperSport East points. Austin Dehaven was able to reclaim his R6 from the clutches of the gravel pit when a rider almost took him out half way through race two. David Gaviria shattered his previous personal best at this track and Benny Solis had his best finish of the year in the AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike class. Overall, team owner David Brite was happy with the results and what they learned from Barber Motorsports Park.

David Brite, team owner said: “Sometimes you run into issues that are out of your control like we did with Austin but overall I think these riders and this team learned a lot this weekend. Even though it was his first time on this bike, David Gaviria went faster than he did in previous years and almost matched his best finish of the year. Benny Solis was looking great in race one and two, his seventh place finish in race one was his best finish of the year so far. Stefano might have tried to go a little early but he felt like he could win that race and he got a little excited. Sometimes that happens and we learn from it. Stefano was able to come from the back of the pack on the restart to salvage some points that keeps him in the running for the SuperSport East Championship. I’m happy that Austin was able to keep the bike up when a rider came under him and took him out. We made improvements in a number of areas and each race we get closer to the front.”

Stefano Mesa: “The bike was perfect, exactly how I wanted it and I knew that I had a chance to win the race. I was going for the lead in lap two, tried to make a pass on Jake and he tried to out brake me. I had nowhere to go and was in the grass, you can’t control the bike in the grass and I did everything I could to not make it bad for the other guys. Dustin and I went down pretty hard, I don’t know about him but I was hurting pretty bad at the restart. We started at the very back of the grid and tried to pass as many people as possible going into turn one but it was sketchy. When the second red flag came out we had to do it again but I just stayed with Dustin as we kept passing riders. I ended up finishing right behind him in seventh place. It was a tough day because I really felt like I had the pace to win.”

Austin Dehaven: “On Saturday we were having issues with the pre-load so the bike wasn’t exactly what I wanted so we switched to a new front end. About half-way through the race, I passed a rider in the long sweeper and as we came around he tried to pass inside of me going on to the straight but the bike spun around which caused me to go wide into the gravel. I did everything I could just to keep it up and was lucky to not go down. I felt like I would have been running 10th which would have been my best finish of the year.”

David Gaviria: “In 2010 I was running 1:34’s at Barber so I am very happy with a personal best of 1:31 and this being the first time on this bike. After Saturday we made changes and during the warm up I knew that those changes were better. There was progress today, I felt good during the race and the bike handled well. There are still some things we can improve to make it more comfortable for me. On Sunday, I moved up four spots from Saturday to 16th and that was good. At the end of the race the tire was spinning a lot but I know we are on the right path, the next race should be even better.”

Benny Solis: I had a little bit of a chattering issue, I couldn’t find a decent line out of four and five and was losing time each lap. I couldn’t get a good enough drive coming out of two and that’s where Beach and Zemke had gained on me. The heat didn’t bother me, I think I adjusted to it by coming out a couple days early. A seventh place finish is the best I’ve had all year but I feel like I can run in the top five. We still have a little work to do, I’m still new to this team but you can see that we are figuring things out.”


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