AMA Pro SuperSport Rider Ryan Kerr & The Ryan Kerr Racing Team Get the Job Done at Mid-Ohio

NEWS July 17, 2012

AMA Pro SuperSport Rider Ryan Kerr & The Ryan Kerr Racing Team Get the Job Done at Mid-Ohio

Courtesy of Ryan Kerr Racing:

Johnstown, Ohio (July 17, 2012) - Ryan Kerr and the Ryan Kerr Racing Team rolled into the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course with high hopes for great results at Kerr’s hometown track this weekend. In front of hundreds of family members and friends, Kerr accomplished milestones in his career that will never be forgotten. Crowds of spectators cheered as Kerr claimed the track to be his own during both the Saturday and Sunday AMA Pro Motorcycle-Superstore .com racing events.

Kerr explains, “I wanted nothing more than to give my hometown family and friends a memorable performance over the weekend. Kerr would settle for nothing less! Practice and qualifying times positioned the number 28 Kawasaki machine on the grid in the 5th place spot. As the race began on Saturday it was apparent that Kerr was driven to reach the podium box. At lap two, he had quickly taken the lead and found himself holding the first place position for the first time in his AMA professional career. “Leading the pack of such a talented group of riders is a true milestone in my career and felt like nothing that I have ever experienced.” Kerr battled to maintain the top spot and finished the race in 4th place only two tenths of a second behind Stefano Mesa who held the last podium box position. “It was a great battle and Stefano is an awesome rider so I am happy with my results!”

On Sunday, Ryan Kerr and the Ryan Kerr racing team were ready to do it all over again. Kerr maintained a top position throughout Sunday’s race but unfortunately a red flag incident required a re start at lap 7. “I was unable to get the clean re start that I had hoped for but I was able to work my way up and take the checkered flag in the 6th place position.” Strong finishes by Kerr at the challenging Mid Ohio Course on Saturday and Sunday, currently position him in the 6th place spot in the AMA Pro Supersport East Coast Series. “My goal at the beginning of the season was to finish as a top 5 competitor and after my results this weekend I am well on my way to reaching my goal. I plan on finishing the season strong and reaching that podium box!”

Ryan Kerr and the Ryan Kerr Racing team would like to send a special thanks to all of the family and friends who came out and supported Ryan at his hometown event and offered generous donations towards his endeavors. The turnout was remarkable and inspired Kerr to accomplish his highest back to back finishes throughout his career. “The field of green shirts kept me focused and driven throughout the weekend to reach the top and will continue to motivate me to be a top competitor in the chase for the championship.”

Ryan Kerr is sponsored by: RFC,, Sunstar, Arai, EBC Brakes, K Tech, Held, Motonation, MJ USA, 614 Paintworx, M J MotoGear, Mid Ohio School, Digital Impressions, HEL, M4, and Dynojet.


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