If the past predicts the future, the Kneedraggers.com/Triplecrown Industries team has the right group of riders for Laguna Seca

NEWS July 24, 2012

If the past predicts the future, the Kneedraggers.com/Triplecrown Industries team has the right group of riders for Laguna Seca

Photo by Corey Coulter

Press Release for Kneedraggers.com/Triplecrown Industries team prepared by the Hasten Media Group:

(July 25, 2012) - With the recent addition of Tommy Aquino to replace the injured Austin Dehaven, the Kneedraggers.com/Triplecrown Industries team has stacked the deck with a group of riders who have done well at Laguna Seca. In 2008 Benny Solis finished 1st in the Red Bull Rookies Cup race, in 2011 he qualified on pole and went on to cross the finish line in 1st place for a second time at Laguna Seca. Tommy Aquino holds the Daytona Sportbike track record of 1:27.038 that he set back in 2010. In addition to owning the track record, Aquino has produced a top 5 finish in his last 3 trips to Laguna. David Gaviria finished 6th at Laguna in 2010 but then beat his personal best with a 4th place finish in 2011. AMA Pro SuperSport rider Stefano Mesa took on the Corkscrew for the first time last year and finished 6th out of 36 riders.

Stefano Mesa
"I'm anxious about this week, I rode here last year and I have a good feeling for the track, there's not a lot of east coast guys that can say that. We are really close to a perfect set up, the changes we've made are going in the right direction. This round isn't for points with me so I can go out, have a good time and go big. I think it's going to be a good weekend for the whole team."

David Gaviria
"It's like no other track, so much fun, I've always liked this track from the first time I rode it. The bike is where I want it to be, I don't see us making a lot of changes, I just need to get on the track and up to speed as fast as possible."

Benny Solis
"I really like this track, it's a GP track so there's a lot of run off which means that you can really push the limits. Every time I've been at Laguna, I've had fun. With so many great riders in DSB my goal is to do what I can to run with that lead pack. I'd like to produce a top 5 finish or my first podium of the year, that would be nice."

Tommy Aquino
"I'm glad to be back in the states and I'm super pumped to be riding at Laguna. I just can't wait, hopefully we can get a good set up and be right there like I know we should be. I really want to thank the guys at Kneedraggers.com and Triple Crown Industries for giving me this opportunity to come back to the states and do some good!!"

Team Owner, Dave Brite
"The Kneedraggers.com/Triplecrown Industries team is excited to have Benny, Tommy, David and Stefano going into Laguna this weekend. All of these guys have done well in the past and at this point in the season we have figured out what they're looking for in a good set up. In Tommy's case we are going to use some notes from last year and see how close that gets us to where we want to be. Robert and the guys have really worked hard on this one and I'm really looking forward to seeing where we end up."

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