Barnes Finishes Second for KLR Group; Points Leader Wyman Has Spectacular Crash

NEWS September 9, 2012

Barnes Finishes Second for KLR Group; Points Leader Wyman Has Spectacular Crash

Photo by Brian J Nelson

Courtesy of Geiger Media:

MILLVILLE, N.J. (September 9, 2012) - For 11 and a half laps around New Jersey Motorsports Park, a lead pack of AMA Pro Vance & Hines XR1200 riders battled back-and-forth for control of Sunday's American Red Cross Devil's Showdown. At the heart of the battle were KLR Group pros Michael Barnes and Kyle Wyman, who started the race 1-2.

With just a few turns to go it appeared Wyman was in perfect position to pass leader Shane Narbonne, as he'd made numerous successful drafting maneuvers out of the final turn and into the straightaway heading towards the start/finish line.

"The race was mine," Wyman said. "I was exactly where I wanted to be."

But in an instant, Wyman's plan evaporated as he unexpectedly high-sided his Spyke's Harley-Davidson through the esses, crashing hard on the asphalt and tumbling to a stop.

"That's the worst wreck I've ever had and maybe one of the worst I've ever even seen," Wyman said. "The rear tire folded. That just never, ever happens. I just can't believe this is the outcome. I wanted to win this race so badly and everything was lining up just right."

Wyman escaped with a concussion and contusion to his right shin. Officially, he finished 15th in his first race of the year that didn't end on the podium. Unofficially, he dropped to second in the standings and is now three points behind Benny Carlson. Tyler O'Hara moved up to third, one back of Wyman, with Barnes jumping right back into the championship chase with his runner-up result moving him to fourth place, within six of the top.

"I'm just glad to see that Kyle is okay," Barnes said. "What a battle. So much passing going on and I even lost track of the laps for a minute. I dropped back to sixth at the start of the last lap. I caught (Jake) Holden pretty quick and just put my head down.

"When Kyle wrecked it opened a door. I was in fifth place and had a little more time to access the situation in front of me. Benny and Tyler had to jump on their brakes sooner. That gave me the momentum to get past them. Coming onto the straight I peeked up and saw it was only Narbonne ahead of me and he's not in the XR Showdown so I knew I earned the most points out of those of us in championship chase. It was a great moment."

Up next is the Triumph Big Kahuna Miami, which takes place Sept. 21-23 in Homestead, Fla.


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