Mitch Hansen Gives Insight on KTM/HMC Racing's Off-Season Testing

NEWS November 27, 2012

Mitch Hansen Gives Insight on KTM/HMC Racing's Off-Season Testing

Photo by Brian J Nelson

AMAP: Is Chris Fillmore staying with KTM SuperBike?
Yes, Chris has signed a contract already so he’s ready to go. Last year, he missed a couple races because he busted up his hand pretty well.  He is planned to have surgery at the beginning of December on his pinky finger. After that’s healed up we plan to do a bit of testing to get ready for Daytona.

AMAP: As testing continues, what are the big improvements to the 2013 KTM RC8?
There are only minor changes to the bike. The big thing for us is that we’ve been able to use the off-season as valuable time to develop our bike and work on some of the ideas we’ve came up with. Last year thing came together in February and the bike was a work in progress all year. We’ve made improvements along the line and we’re continuing to use the time allotted to get ready for the upcoming season. It's great to have the off-season to really get the bike ready and be prepared for the 2013 season.

AMAP: You and Chris Fillmore go pretty far back, how do you think he’s developed as a rider with KTM/HMC Racing?
I think Chris has developed remarkably if you consider this is just his fourth year of road racing. We knew he had talent, I’ve actually known him personally since he was 15 years old. We brought him to a test at Road America for the SuperMoto Team. He made the team and his first race was an AMA Pro Supermoto event at Laguna Seca where he landed on the podium for a third place finish. That performance alone should tell you a little bit about the talent he possesses. As far as road racing goes, he’s still a work in progress and is learning as he goes.

AMAP: Is there anything in particular you're looking to get out of the racebike for 2013?
No.. We're just going to fine tune our electronics. There are just small things here and there that could add up to be a substantial improvement on the motorcycle. There are number of ideas. The bike is so new to us, so we're in the process of getting everything out of it that we can.

AMAP: In 2012, you had Stefan Nebel aiding Fillmore by racing in select rounds, do you see another riding possibly joining the team in 2013?
Regarding Stefan, he was over as a development rider and is very valuable to us in regards to setup and very helpful to Chris. He has more laps on the RC8 than anyone else in the world. He produced good results and I believe the solid development to the bike was due in large part to Chris being here.

As for a second rider, I think it’s very possible. KTM is very interested in adding a second rider. It’s not a done deal yet though.

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