Interview with EBR Founder Erik Buell

NEWS January 28, 2013

Interview with EBR Founder Erik Buell

Photo by Brian J Nelson

Aaron Yates is the newest rider to announce he will compete on an EBR 1190RS for the upcoming 2013 season. The AMSOIL/Hero rider suffered a serious injury in May of 2010 that kept him out of action until he returned at Indianapolis last year. The Georgia product’s best performance in 2012 came on the final event of the season at NOLA Motorsports Park where he finished fourth.

Yates tested the EBR at Jennings in Florida in December along with teammates Geoff May and Blake Young and impressed Erik Buell and company enough to earn the ride.
"We are very happy to announce that Hero MotoCorp will be returning as the title sponsor for the Team Hero EBR 1190RS in the 2013 AMA Pro Racing American Superbike series," said Erik Buell in a team release. "This year the Team Hero entry will be for the #99 with Geoff May riding. Geoff will have Mike Fitzgerald as crew chief, with last year's crew of Ryan Kelly and Grant Singley. Expect to see several Hero technicians working with the team while sharpening their expertise for future racing in India."

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (January 28th) – The American crafted Erik Buell Racing 1190RS motorcycle is making headlines across the western hemisphere of motorcycle racing. After inking a deal with RSRacecraft, EBR is currently one of the hottest commodities on the circuit. AMA Pro Racing got a chance to chat with the founder of EBR, Erik Buell, himself as he shared some insight as to what his plans are for the upcoming GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing season.

AMA Pro: It has been recently announced that RSRacecraft will race EBR 1190RS motorcycles in 2013, how exactly did this come up and what do you expect to gain from the newly formed partnership?
Buell: We’re very excited about having another team with our bikes. They are known for their expertise in engine development and I believe working together will be extremely beneficial for both sides. Our goal is to be as integrated as possible as far as combining our products with their experience in working with so many different engines in the past.

AMA Pro: Last year, you guys were a two-rider team, now EBR is selling their bikes to other race teams, can you talk about the overall development of the EBR 1190RS and how it has become so competitive in such a short period of time?
Buell: We had a number of teams approach us about getting our bikes. They all saw how much success we had last year and I think that’s good, people see a lot of potential there. It’s also something special for these guys to be able to ride American bikes in an American SuperBike season.

AMA Pro: Obviously you are pulling hard for the newly acquired riders gunning for the podium on your product, but can you give us realistic predictions as well as goals you’d like to accomplish for 2013?
Buell: Well our goals are always to be better than the previous year. Even though we exceeded our predictions in 2012, we’re always looking to improve. It will be interesting, racing is always exciting. We certainly have the talent to make a run. I’m not going to sit here and say we’re going to blow away the competition and run away with the championship, but I believe we’re definitely going to be serious contenders and be in the hunt all season long.

AMA Pro: Finally, your company is 100% American, what kind of positive impact does the continued success of the EBR 1190RS have on the sport of road racing in the United States?
Buell: I think having American superbikes is something the sport has needed for a long time. We’ve proven that we have world class riders dating back to when I used to ride but have never really had the motorcycles. My goal is to show that we not only have the riding capability here America but that we’re also capable of building a modern high-tech motorcycle for road racing as well.

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