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One-on-One with Danny Eslick

NEWS April 17, 2013

One-on-One with Danny Eslick

Photo by Brian J Nelson

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (April 17, 2013) – Danny Eslick recorded fourth and fifth place finishes in Round 1 action at Daytona International Speedway last month in National Guard SuperBike competition. Today, AMA Pro Racing was able to get a few minutes of the Oklahoma native’s time for a brief interview.

AMA Pro: Do you have any specific methods you use to get yourself mentally prepared for each race?

Eslick: I don’t typically overthink things. I like to go into every race open minded and just go out there and compete. I was born to race motorcycles. A big pre-race routine isn’t necessary for me. I trust that my hard work and dedication leading up to each particular race will lead to my success.

AMA Pro: Aside from going faster than everyone else on the track, what is the main thing you focus on while in the midst of a race?

Eslick: Staying consistent. The races are pretty long and it’s important to run the pace and it’s important for me to not get ahead of myself. The fastest lap isn’t going to win you the race; it’s the consistency of each lap that is what ultimately matters most. I know that if I have a bad lap I’m confident enough in my ability to know that I can make up for it on the next one.”

AMA Pro: You won championships in 2009 and 2011 in GoPro Daytona SportBike, and you also mixed a Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series title in there. Now, in 2013, you’re arguably facing the toughest lineup you’ve ever had to compete against. How do you feel you size up against these elite competitors in your second full year in National Guard SuperBike and how do you plan on carrying over the winning ways you’ve grown accustomed to all these years?

Eslick: The competition is as tough as it gets this year. Between the Joshes (Hayes and Herrin) and (Martin) Cardenas, there’s no doubt about the talent in this exclusive class. However, with Michael Jordan Motorsports/National Guard Suzuki backing me, I think realistically we can get up and win some races this season. It all goes back to consistency.

AMA Pro: What are you doing to prepare yourself during the gap between Round 1 that was held at Daytona International Speedway and Round 2 scheduled for May 31-June 2, 2013 at Road America?

Eslick: The main thing is just eating right and staying physically fit. I do a large amount of trail riding on the bicycle to keep my legs moving as well a little bit of dirt bike riding.

AMA Pro: Coming off an 8th place overall finish in your first season in National Guard SuperBike last year on the EBR 1190RS, you decided to make the switch to a Suzuki GSX1000 for the 2013 season. How did the new ride feel and what are your thoughts on it moving forward?

Eslick: I felt extremely comfortable on the new motorcycle. Michael Jordan Motorsports/National Guard Suzuki do an amazing job keeping the machine in top-tier condition and it’s truly an amazing operation they run. I’ve generally been on stuff that’s been under-horse powered competing in the GoPro Daytona SportBike class. I feel like the Suzuki GSX1000 gives me the best chance to have instant and long-term success. I’m really looking forward to having the horsepower to run with these guys.

AMA Pro: Is it sometimes hard to stay focused on the task at hand as opposed to thinking about the overall prize at the end?

Eslick: You have to bring it week in and week out. Of course the ultimate goal is to win a championship no matter what class you’re in. I just keep my head down and only worry about what I can control. I always have the title in the back of my mind but my main priorities lie within each and every race.

AMA Pro: What are your goals and expectations for Round 2 at Road America?

Eslick: Getting on the podium is always the first step. I’d love to get my first National Guard SuperBike victory there and really get myself going on a hot streak.


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