Following Fillmore - Episode 8

NEWS June 20, 2013

Courtesy of Eyeball Inc.:

Temecula, CA (June 20, 2013) – Hard work, perseverance and determination are the key ingredients in the life of a Superbike racer. Chris’ knows how to stay on top of his game, which involves constant training whether it is on or off the track. Cycling is part of Chris’ training regimen, which has proved to benefit him in his racing career a considerable amount.

In Following Fillmore, episode eight, we follow Chris to the Shimano’s North American headquarters and get an inside peek of his 2013 Dura-Ace build up that will accompany him on his racing excursions. Mike Morrill and Joe Lawwill of Shimano put Chris to work in the “back cage room” of Shimano where the three of them get busy rebuilding Chris’ Cannondale CAAD10.

Spending almost the same amount of time on his road bike as his motorcycle, Chris says “I’ll use the bike for warm ups, training sessions and road rides since it is such good training plus it is a passion of mine”. Catch a glimpse inside the famous Shimano North American headquarters as Chris helps prepare his bike for 2013 in the latest installment of Following Fillmore, at

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