Immediate Improvement for Females at Mid-Ohio

NEWS July 13, 2013

Immediate Improvement for Females at Mid-Ohio

Photo by Brian J Nelson

Courtesy of SheZRacing:

July 13, 2013 - An immediate improvement was seen between Practice 1 and Qualifying 1 at Mid-Ohio with Shelina Moreda dropping five seconds between the sessions after Michelle Disalvo started working with the team.

Team Spykes Harley Davidson has brought on a power hitting female mechanic, Michelle Disalvo, championship winning racer and tuner to coach and wrench for their racer Shelina Moreda.

Michelle has recently taken an interest in Moreda's racing and has started coaching her in flat track. Disalvo sees that she can help Moreda find some more speed in the XR class. "It's a big deal to me to have a racer of her caliber see potential in me and take the time to help me out. I haven't had any formal training to this point, so I know she can help make me faster." Moreda says, "Not only is she a fast chick, she is also known as a solid mechanic, so she will be an asset to our team."

When asked about her new involvement with the team, Disalvo said "Shelina has a lot of talent and has been riding on her own abilities without any coaching. She has a lot of potential to do well. I can help bring out the potential I see in her."

Paul Diener, the team manager and crew chief for Team Spyke's Harley Davidson is excited to bring on such a skilled mechanic. "A female brings a unique element to the team. We know Michelle will make a positive contribution to Shelina's efforts.

The team, along with Shelina and Michelle, are looking forward to tomorrow's final qualifying and race and seeing how much more time these girls can find.
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