Round 3 Texas Half-Mile

Texas Half-Mile

  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Fort Worth, TX
Total entries: 45
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NO. Rider(s) Bike Sponsor
1 Dan Bromley KTM 450 SX-F Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Roof Systems Dallas, Motorex, WP, Akrapovic, Renthal, Dubya, Hinson, HBD MotoGrafx, MotoMaster, Acerbis , Twin Air, Alpinestars, Red Torpedo, KTM Powerparts and Powerwear, Wing for Life
11 Andrew Luker Kawasaki KX450F Keeran Racing, Baker Racing, J&F Aguilar, Roof Systems of Dallas, Wilson Plumbing, PCP Motorsports Sacramento, Access Media Labs, NJK Leathers, Baker Hay Sales, TDFJ, Arai, TCX, Schaeffers Oil, Ritchie Reynolds Racing,, Hugh Jassel, Capps Cycle
15 Mikey Rush Honda CRF450R RMR Honda, Red Riders Rewards, Pro Honda Oils, Al Lamb Dallas Honda, Tucker Powersports, S&S Cycles, 6D Helmets, Ohlins, Roland Sands Design, Machette Energy, Vortex, Galfer USA, Rekluse, Motion Pro, RPM Apparel, Throttle Jockey Graphics, Works Connection, West Coast Hot Shoes
16 Tristan Avery KTM 450 SX-F Waters Auto Body, Staci Howell, RASE, Spectro, Hebeler KTM, RLJ Racing, D&D Power Sports, RK Racing Chain, Arai, Evans Coolant, Vortex, SuperTrapp, Wiseco, Performance Electronics, Full Spectrum Power, SiDi Boots, West Coast Hot Shoe, Nanny Goat, Saddlemen
18 Max Whale Kawasaki KX450F Weirbach Racing, Kawasaki, General Engineering, Megacycle, Shoei Australia, Shark Leathers, S&S Cycle, Road Tec, J&M Logging, CP/Carrillo, Enigine Ice, Cometic, Spectro, TCX Boots, K&N, Regina, Serco, Pro Taper, Motion Pro, Shorai, Answer, 100%, LSKD, Wor
24 Oliver Brindley Yamaha YZ450F Roof Systems of Dallas, Fox Solutions, Haith Group, Hayley, APM, Yamaha of Warren, TDFJ, Woody Kyle Racing, Boughner Suspension, Spectro Oils, Arai, TEX, Lightshoe, Motion Pro, Evans Coolant, MIKA Metals
31 Dylan Bell Honda CRF450R T&R Racing, Martin Trucking, CSR, Harley-Davidson of Salina, Scott Christains Construction, Unruh Brothers Waste, Durelle Racing, Evans Cooling Systems, Works Connection, Motion Pro, Saddlemen, Renthal, S&S Reel, Little Smurf Skidsteer, Bullet Proof Design
33 Dawson Schieffer Yamaha YZ450F ProBEAM, Terry Rymer/Black Hills H-D, Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Strider, Lightshoe, MOtion Pro, bLU cRU, Bel-Ray, Motoshippers, RASE,, Burge Concrete, Agri-Risk, Wilson Ranch, Rekluse, Whipple Racing Products, Regina Chain, Galfer, 858's, K&N, Sturgis Motorsports, Durelle Racing, Quick Signs, Saddlemen, Sturgis Photo & Gifts,
38 Tanner Dean Honda CRF450R Godzilla, Walrath Racing, SEE SEE Motorcycles, Architechural Sheet Metal
43 Jeremiah Duffy Honda CRF450R ERT, Sammy O Racing, Steve Mathewson Suspension Systems, Racetech, EBC Brakes, Supertrapp, Geiger Construction, Mike Butler Racing, Western Hills Honda, The Norris Family
44 Cameron Smith Honda CRF450R RMR, Al Lamb, Dallas Honda, Tucker Powersports, Pro Honda Oils, S&S Cycle, 6D Helmets, Roland Sands Design, Vortex, Motion Pro, Rekluse
49 Chad Cose Suzuki RMZ 450 Parkinson Brothers Racing, Ritchie Reynolds Racing, Vance & Hines, Rod Lake, G&G Racing, Accuflow Plumbing, RASE, Englehart Research & Technology, Bell Helmets, Tri-R Distributing, TCX, Rekluse, Berlinger Brakes, Motion Pro, Spectro Oils, Mika Metals, Dub
51 Cole Zabala Honda CRF450R RMR Al Lamb Dallas Honda, Tucker Powersports, Pro Honda Oils, S&S Cycle, 6D Helmets, Roland Sands Design, Galfer USA, Vortex, Motion Pro, Rekluse
52 Shayna Texter KTM 450 SX-F Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Roof Systems Dallas, Motorex, WP, Akrapovic, Renthal, Dubya, Hinson, HBD MotoGrafx, MotoMaster, Acerbis , Twin Air, Alpinestars, Red Torpedo, KTM Powerparts and Powerwear, Wing for Life
54 Michael Inderbitzin Honda CRF450R Pacific Tub & Tile, Mark Strock, Dave Hayes, Ben Evans, Motion Pro, Works Connection, Light Shoe, MDR, WKR, Hlebo Bros Suspension, Cody Duma, Morris Racing, Cycle Stop Honda, Hollister Honda
61 Matthew Guenther Yamaha YZ450F Vans Motorsports, Vita Coco, Core Hydration, Rekluse, Vortex, Shoei, Motion Pro, Hess Machine, Buddy Racing, Gaerne, FoRTO, MRM, One Down Four Up, DiSport Leathers, RUNA, Schneider Graphics, Robinson Re/Max Alliance, LightShoe, Fly Racing
63 Dan Lowther Honda CRF450R Fire Snaks, Rocket Red Racing, Rekluse, In Front Motorsports, Web Cams, Arai, Bebo Moto, Southland Racing
64 Danny Eslick Yamaha YZ450F Black Hills Harley-Davidson, Pro Beam by Custom Dynamics, Vance & Hines, Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited.
69 Morgen Mischler KTM 450 SX-F Waters AutoBody Racing, D&D PowerSports, Staci Howell State Farm, RLJ Racing, Bell Helmets, Spectro Oils, RASE, Hebeler KTM, Bromley motorcycles, Evans Coolant, Mr.Sign, Motion Pro, Wiseco Pistons, SuperTrapp, Performance Electronics, Vortex, RK Excel, ODI Grips, Full Specturm Batteries, Steve Fortunato , Robin Mooney, Pete Desantis, John Standiford, Du
71 James Rispoli Kawasaki KX450F KC74 Tracking, Hudson Valley Motorcycles, RideHVMC,
75 Blake Lomas Honda CRF450R KWS Motorsports, Marion Seyle, Southeastern Custom Homes, Edwin Bowden, Arai Helmets, One Down Four Up, Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha of Orangeburg, Bloomin Bean Coffee Bar, West Coast Hot Shoes
76 Jacob Walter Honda CRF450R Walter Brother Racing, West Bend HD, 34 Racing, Suomy Helmets, Oneal, Dragon Alliance
78 Kurtis Lee Honda CRF450R Parkinson Brothers
79 Jayson Bloss Kawasaki KX450F S&M Racing, Vance and Hines, Ray CS Extreme, Pro1, SBS Brakes, Motogear, B&T Logging, First Class Glass, League GFX, Kawasaki Racing, Mathew Heronoumus, Aria Helmets
93 Beau Thompson Honda CRF450RX Bay Mountain Air, 6D Helmets, The Motorcycle Shop, RASE, Motion Pro, Works Connection, The Whitmire's, TDFJ, Web Cam, Mack Daddy Racing, Guts Racing, Ben Evans Racing
94 Ryan Wells Yamaha YZ450F Estenson Racing, Monster Energy, Yamalube, Yamaha Racing, S & S, WPS, FLY, Dainese, Motion Pro, Vortex, Pilot Flying J, Truline, Utility, McCandless Truck Center
98 Jay Newton Yamaha YZ450F Moto Talbott Collection, Truck & Auto Repair, Inc., Monkey Pumps, Arai, Dynojet, BluCru, Yamaha, Sidi, Liqui Moly, Motion Pro, HP Performance, Suspension Systems, Helmet House, ASV, Vortex, 100%, Galfer, Samco, Odi, Ogio, Dubya, Impact Safe-T-Armor, Raceb
99 Kevin Stollings Honda CRF450R Roof Systems, Motion Pro, Hinson Clutches, Works Connection, Vortex, Evans Coolant, Devin Jessop, WKR, Ben Evans, Arai, West Coast Hotshoes, Bill Built, Fusion Race Wear, Spectro Oils, Flawless Hair, Browns Oil Service
102 Hunter Even Honda CRF450R Midwest CNC Services, Burrito Gallery, Mason City Honda, Bennet Motorsports, Arai Helmets , Lisport leathers
105 Brandon Kitchen Honda CRF450R JMC Motorsports, Donley Excavating, D&D Cyles, Bryan Bigelow, TCD Suspension, Lucas Oil, Bennett Powersports,, Vortex, Hinson, Sunstar, Mika Metals, Bell Helmets, C & L Hot Rod Coatings, Galfer USA, Legue Graphics, Tin Shack Cycle, Saddlemen
111 Lowell Carson Honda CRF450R Double L Ranch, Boneworks, Bates Leathers, Lightshoe, Arai, Hinson, Vortex, Yogi, High Country Hardscapes, ESJ Graphics
117 Patrick Foy Honda CRF450R Lubbock Sound and Equipment, Caprock Cardiology, Shinko Tires, Fly Racing, Southland Racing, Rosa Plates, Chad Foy, Art Schutt, Family Powersports
122 Dalton Gauthier Husqvarna FC450 D&D Cycles, Gobert Smash, Seafood Atlantic, Dodge Bros Racing, Certified Plumbing, Arai Helmets, NJK Leathers,, Saddlemen Evans Coolant, Castrol Oils, Lightshoe, Hinson Works Connection, Motion Pro, Fly Racing, WPS FTL, Husqvarna
132 Jesse Janisch Yamaha YZ450F Roof Systems Dallas TX, Yamaha, Ohlins, WKR, Rekluse, Belray, Bell Helmets, Vortex, Works Connection, Galfer, Matrix, Mika Metals, Evan's, Lightshoe, Cycle Gear, TDFJ, Vibes Decals, Kings Kustoms, Beringer Brakes
133 David Wiggin KTM 450 SX-F Martin Trucking, Airsorce Racing, RASE,, L&R Racing, BIG Racing, Honda of Tulsa, 6D Helmets, Cycle Smith, Nolan Racing
148 Trent Lowe Yamaha YZ450F Roof Systems DFW, Shoei Helmets, TCX Boots, Hinson, Mika Metals, Elite Fitness SEI, EKS Brand Goggles, Kings Kustoms, Chip Chism, Mike Butler Racing, Fly Racing, Motion Pro, Spider Grips, Vortex
149 Kayden Downing KTM 450 SX-F KYT Helmets, Jekyl & Hyde Leathers, JPM Racing, Meridian Helicopters, Fox Drilling, Aitkenvale Towing, JR’S Motorcycles, NG Brake Disc, 1 Day Wraps, Manutech
156 Jordan Jean Honda CRF450R Ray C's H-D, Pro One Industries/Gordy Schopieray, Arai Helmets, Spectro Oil/Tri R Distributing, Jay Springsteen, CP Carillo, Saddlemen, J&M Logging, Langbros Leathers, Geeser's Gone Wild - Michigan, Moose Racing/Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Motion Pro, Boughner Suspension, Renthal, Spy Goggles, Stevi Smith #84, Fusion Racewear, McDermitt Racing
193 James Ott Honda CRF450R Media Home Inc., Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Hinson Clutch Components, Pro-Tech Systems, Southland Racing, Light Shoe, Pat & Kevin Neilson, O'Neal Racing, Fontana Radiator Johnson
209 Christian Spurgeon Yamaha YZ450F Tracy Folkman Motors, FXR, Shy Motor Sports, Knight Racing, Grose Racing, Kludt Oil of Lodi, Nick Ledou, TLR, Wyatt Transportation, Double D Customs, Eric Sexton, Tetra Health Center, MotoGear, Bell Helmets, Motion Pro
214 Xavier Zayat Kawasaki KX450F
217 Cole Crowley Honda CRF450R Crowley Racing, Roof Systems Dallas TX, WKR, Castelhano Racing, Langbros Leathers, Fly Racing, Spectro, Oakley, Kibblewhite, Wiseco, Sunoco, EBC Brakes, Cometic, Bell Helmets, JT Racing, K&N, Saddlemen, Motion Pro, Engine Ice, Spider Grips, Spec Bolt, Rosa Plates, Specbolt, Catalyst, SRC Embroidery, Cycleheads, Spider Grips, Rosa Plates, Specbolt, SRC
232 Clayton Williams Honda CRF450R Stan's Plumbing, Gene & Gail Cummings, Winsupply Plumbing Supply, Phoenix Handle Bars, Flow Vision Goggles, EVS, Thor MX, Motion Pro, LMR, Rosa Plates
256 Damon Coca Honda CRF450R SDI, Galvin Precision, The Motorcycle Shop, Motion Pro, EBC Brakes, Vortex, Lightshoe, Coca Racing
259 Hayden Schultz Honda CRF450R Hayden Schultz Racing, Shundi Self Storage, Moto-Skiveez, Vance and Hines, 6D Helmets, Law Tigers, Destroyer Park Golf, 6D Helmets, Motorex, Mass Sports USA, Motion Pro, Sunstar, Braking, Leatt, No Toil, Ryno Power, Beringer Brakes, Ridgedale Homes