Round 17 Honda Charlotte Half-Mile

Honda Charlotte Half-Mile

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Charlotte, NC
Total entries: 9
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NO. Rider(s) Bike Sponsor
6 Malary Lee Royal Enfield Allied Racing, Synergy Motoworks, Specific Suspension, S&S Cycle, Bell Ppowersports, Lowery Racing, Dyno Jet, Saddlemen, Durelle Racng, Maxima, Flat Track Coffee, Fasthouse, Trevino Customs, Austin Speed Shop, ATWYLD
13 Sarah Dixon Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Motozilli, S&S Cycle, Saddlemen, Dunlop, Bell, Maxima, Dyno Jet,, Goon Glass & Rubber, FXR Racing, ODI, Mobuis, Leatt, Ogio, Scott Sports, Mike Butler Racing, LZ Racing
21 Bridgette LeBer Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Skagit Powersports, Moto Anatomy, S&S Cycle, Dynojet, Dunlop, Maxima, Bell Helmets, Y2 Wheels, Ryno Power, Lightshoe
27 Nean Kiskela Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycle, Saddlemen, RaceTech, Dyno Jet, Lightshoe, Maxima Racing Oils, Dunlop Tires, Rev'It
31 Jillian Deschenes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycle, Dunlop, Saddlemen, Moon Motorsports, Maxima, Bell, Lightshoe, Plugs Garage, Jacks of Spade, Della Crew Co., Fasthouse, Superior Tool Grinding, Klock Werks, Retrodyne, Gopher Glass, Powertronics, PDR Performance, RaceTech
33 Jaycee Jones Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycles, Saddlemen, Maxima, Dunlop, Bell Powersports, Sena, Rosa Plates, G&G Racing, Southland Fabrication, Dynojet, RASE, High Desert Home Solutions, Disport
88 Lanakila MacNaughton Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S, Saddlemen, Belle Powersports, Dunlop, Maxima USA, Dynojet
327 Gabrielle Hughes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Lowery Racing, S&S, Ohlins, Dynojet, Maxima Lubricants, Dunlop, Works Connection, Lightshoe, Plugs Garage, Wimer's Cycle, Bell Helmets
909 Erin Ferris Royal Enfield Royal Enfield N.A., Dunlop, S&S Cycle, Maxima, Bell, Saddlemen, Ohlins, Fly Racing, ODI Grips, Dyno Jet, Bob's Bakeshop, One 10 Clothing, Disport, Performance Coatings, Savage Custom Ritchie Reynolds Racing, Jim Speer, Gary Beach, Ron Orr, Vinny's Rod Sho