Round 1 Volusia Half-Mile I

Volusia Half-Mile I

  • Volusia Speedway Park
  • Barberville, FL
Total entries: 15
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NO. Rider(s) Bike Sponsor
11 Shane Fox Bultaco Astro 360 Tilley H-D, 6 Speed Performance, After Hours Garage, Auto Tech Center, Stone by Mitchell, Steele Automotive, Factory 20
14 Jim Stump Bultaco Astro 360 Pro Line Motorsports, Happy Trails Racing
15 Garth Brow Bultaco Astro 360 Blue Dog Racing, Arai, Joe & Jill Setzer, Michael Springer, Lone Star Beef Jerky, Voo Doo Ranger, Robert Oliver, Rick Toldo III, Armstrong Racing, Allen Durden, Scott Deibler, RPM Promotions, Paul Brown, Ray Delacqueseaux, CR Astro, Yogi, John Ayscue
16 Ronnie Jones Bultaco Astro 360 Estenson Racing, Arai, Motion Pro, Barnett Clutches, Mike Weddington
22 Tony Giorno Bultaco Astro 360 Redline Cycle, Spectro Oil, Tri R Distributors
23 Lance Jones Bultaco Astro 360 Campbell Racing, Marioneaux Racing, 6D Helmets
32 Jackie Mitchell Bultaco Astro 360 Estenson Racing, Bell Helmets, Gaerne, Mechanix Wear, Barnett, Saddlemen, Johnny's Signs, Motion Pro, Flannery, Vortex, Pro Plates
44 Jerry Lacy Bultaco Astro 360 Blue Dog Racing
58 Lucien Marioneaux Jr. Bultaco Astro 360 Marioneaux Racing, Campbell Racing
64 Charles Roberts Bultaco Astro 360 Estenson Racing, Motion Pro, Bell Helmets, Alpine Stars
65 Mark Zeissler Bultaco Astro 360 Campbell Racing, Zeissler Motorsports
72 Wyatt Campbell Bultaco Astro 360
88 Roger Durkee Bultaco Astro 360 Don Pinsonnault, Bell Helmets, AFT Services, Fab & Welding, Rookies of '79, Motion Pro
89 Kevin Varnes Bultaco Astro 360 Varnes Racing, Brian Willis, Bruce Reynolds, Arai, Motion Pro, Rebel Gears
93 Greg Scalf Bultaco Astro 360