About AMA Pro Racing

In 2008, the American Motorcyclist Association announced the sale of certain parts of its professional racing properties to AMA Pro Racing, based in Daytona Beach, Fla. The move was brought about by the need for the association to place the management of professional racing in the hands of a well-resourced motorsports entertainment company.

The rules packages introduced by AMA Pro in 2009 have been subtly refined to provide technical stability and rules consistency, which has shifted the focus of the sport to the compelling battles on the track among a magnificent group of athletes.

AMA Pro Racing Managing Board

  • Tom Bledsoe
  • Mike Helton
  • George Silbermann
  • Mark Raffauf

AMA Pro Racing Headquarters Staff, by Department


  • Chief Executive Officer - Gene Crouch


  • Chief Competition Officer - Kevin Crowther
  • Technical Director - David McGrath
  • Director of Industry Relations - Richie Morris
  • Director of Flat Track - Bryan Smith
  • Director of Race Events - Steve Morehead
  • Competition Manager - James Lang


  • Registration/Licensing Director - Becki Coca
  • Senior Registration Coordinator - Sharon McMillan

Sales & Partnerships

  • Director of Industry Sales - Cameron Gray
  • Brand Manager - Shelby Busch
  • Marketplace Manager - Joseph Lee


  • Director of Marketing & Communications - Ashley Robinson
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator - JD Armstrong

Technical Operations

  • Director of Technical Operations & Production - Zach Prescott


  • Assistant Controller - Joel Labash
  • Accounting Manager - Maria Bautista

AFT Events

  • Managing Director, AFT Events - Bob Deislinger
  • Ticketing Manager - Becky Goldstein
  • Logistics Manager - Robbie Reeves