["American Flat Track Production Twins FAQ"]

To enter in AFT Production Twins, you must have a current AFT Singles license, be over the age of 18, competed with AFT for at least one (1) season, and never scored points in AFT Twins.

Any former AFT Twins competitor who has scored AFT Twins championship points in previous seasons are not eligible to compete in AFT Production Twins. However, they may apply for a provisional license to compete in AFT Twins at Springfield Mile I & II only.

Former AFT Twins riders who have not scored points in that class are eligible to enter in either AFT Twins or AFT Production Twins at the Springfield Mile. However, if you have gone several years without scoring points in AFT Twins, AFT Production Twins may be a good option for you.

No. AFT Twins is exclusively for AFT Twins licensed riders and riders granted a provisional to compete in the class. AFT Production Twins is for AFT Singles licensed competitors who have never scored championship points in AFT Twins.

Production based twin-cylinder machines between 649-850cc, built in accordance to the AFT Production Twins section of the 2018 American Flat Track rule book. Eligible machines include: •BMW: • 800 Parallel Twin, F-Series Ducati: • 748 V-Twin Desmoquattro • 821 V-Twin Testastretta 11°: four-valve, liquid-cooled H-D: • 750 V-Twin, XG750R Honda: • 670 Parallel Twin Kawasaki: • 649 Parallel Twin Suzuki: • 649 V-Twin Yamaha: • 689 Parallel Twin

No. Those motorcycles have purpose-built flat track engines and are not eligible to compete in AFT Production Twins.

Riders competing in AFT Production Twins will be required to use the number they are assigned in AFT Singles. The number plates requirements for AFT Production Twins are different than AFT Singles, and all number plates must adhere to the rules in the 2018 American Flat Track rulebook.

The AFT Production Twins class will have one practice session to start the event, followed by two timed qualifying sessions that will determine the field that make it into the evening program. If there is a full field of AFT Production Twins, AFT will run the same 3-2-1 event format that is used for AFT Twins: three 5-lap Heats, two 8-lap Semis and one 15-lap Main event. Otherwise, a condensed event format will be used which consists of two 8-lap Semis and one 15-lap Main event.

Yes, there is a $5,000 purse for the AFT Production Twins class at each Springfield Mile.

Every session of AFT Production Twins will be live streamed on FansChoice.tv, and a highlight from the AFT Production Twins main will be included in AFT’s telecast on NBCSN.